Greater Versatility in Device Sizing

Our ultra-low profile micro SIM connectors are an advanced hardware solution designed to increase efficiency while reducing end-product cost and size. This next generation offering saves printed circuit board (PCB) space while decreasing dimensions, and provides greater versatility in device sizing and application. We are dedicated to providing our customers at all levels of the supply chain with durable, high-quality SIM connector technologies, tailored to meet specific design needs. SIM connectors are manufactured with scalable, cost-efficient, and quality-ensured processes.

Product Features

Micro SIM Connectors
  • Ultra low profile
  • Two options for positioning
  • Card detect switch
  • Enhanced feature to avoid incorrect insertion of SIM


Micro SIM Connectors
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Ultraportable devices
  • Laptops
  • Personal GPS
  • Servers
This anti-buckling connector reduces the height from 1.24mm to 1.18mm, becoming the lowest-height connector in TE’s entire SIM connector product family and one of the market’s lowest-height connector of its type.
Masaki Shoji,
Product Manager
1.18 Micro SIM
  1. SIM that is Super Slim (English)

Our micro SIM push-push connector offers an innovative design, with an extensive line of SIM card connectors.

  • Slim Solutions (English)