SIM Connectors

SIM & Combo Card Connectors

With innovations like our robust 3-in-2 combo card connector, TE is a leading source for SIM and UIM card connectors with a huge array of products and expertise to customize products to your requirements. Subscriber identity modules (SIM) and universal identity module (UIM) cards are widely used in a variety of mobile applications, including billing, security, and number storage purposes in mobile devices. The SIM card parameters are defined by ISO, ETSI, and GSM standards. TE’s outstanding technological capability can help you provide a user-friendly experience by ensuring excellent reliability and durability of SIM connectors. In addition, TE has the ability to fabricate very high volume products in a cost efficient, lean manufacturing process.

Product Features

SIM Connectors
  • Large portfolio covering a wide range of styles and card sizes
  • Connectors optimized for reliability
  • Spherical contact points improve normal force
  • Pre-loaded contacts
  • Anti-retention features in the contacts
  • Series offers the best possible design freedom with many products scalable in height within the same form factor
  • Best possible applied cost by fully automated processing

Select Applications

SIM Connectors
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Personal computers
  • Ultraportable devices
  • Data cards
  • Portable GSM modems
  • Server
New 3-in-2 Combo Card Connector

New 3-in-2 Combo Card Connector (tray and cards not included)

2FF Block
SIM 2FF block
2FF Push-Pull
SIM 2FF push-pull
Micro SIM Connector (3FF) Push-Push
Micro SIM 3FF push-push
Micro SIM + Micro SD Combo
Micro SIM + Micro SD combo
Device manufacturers want high density and the ability to provide flexibility to their end users. Our new 3-in-2 card connector provides both.
Tommy Yu,
Product Manager
3-in2 Card Connector
  1. SIM that is Super Slim (English)

Our micro SIM push-push connector offers an innovative design, with an extensive line of SIM card connectors.

  • Slim Solutions (English)