This connector is designed to meet changing market needs for smaller, lighter memory cards in consumer electronics. We manufacture standard, micro, and micro/SIM SD card connectors that offer high-speed data transfer rates. Available in a variety of design and packaging options, including top and bottom mounting configurations, this connector is designed for easy use, with push/push and push/pull mating. It is available with spherical contact points to increase hertz stress.


In notebook and desktop computers, our CompactFlash card connectors offer proven PCMCIA contact technology and provide electrostatic discharge protection. In cameras and mobile devices, our SIM card connectors offer high density storage, with excellent reliability and durability. In GPS units and other communications equipment, this connector features an anti-buckling design that offers about 20% PCB space-savings over similar combinations. As an Executive Board member of the SD Association (SDA) standards committee, TE has kept pace with developments in secure digital technology and is equipped to offer connector solutions to meet customer needs.