6.0 GRACE INERTIA Connectors

TE now offers 6.0 mm centerline pitch GRACE INERTIA connectors for wire-to-board connectivity up to 10A. Error-resistant mating and strong, definite latching for mid-power connections. The key benefit of GRACE INERTIA connectors is an inertia locking mechanism on the connector housing that is designed to prevent defective products caused by half-mating of the connectors. When the plug housing is inserted into the header by the assembler, the spring latch on the plug housing makes initial contact with the header. As insertion continues and the initial housing latching force is overcome, the inertia locking mechanism drives the housings together, causing the housings and contacts to mate fully, signaled by an audible click.

Product Features

  • Compact pitch reduces overall connector size, saving valuable space on the circuit board
  • Mating protection prevents contact between receptacle contacts and header contacts prior to proper mating
  • The inertia lock design does not allow half-mating to occur
  •  Inertia locking mechanism helps eliminate unmating


mm centerline pitch




positions available