High Density (HD) Card Edge Power Connectors

High Current. High Density

TE high density (HD) card edge connector is one of the highest current density power connectors in the market to support high power supply applications. This connector provides higher current at 25A/contact with low resistance and supports 1500-2000W power supply for your data center equipment. HD card edge connectors extend the life of power supply units and are designed for next-generation server platforms following the general trend of server architecture.


Millimeter Signal Contact Pitch


Millimeter Power Contact Pitch


Current/Power Contact

Features and Benefits

High Current Density

  • 1.27mm signal contact pitch, 5.08mm power contact pitch
  • Power contact current: 25A (average)
  • One of the highest current densities in the market
  • Working voltage: 100V


Low Contact Resistance

  • 0.4 mΩ average
  • Provides lower temperature rising and lower power loss on the connector 


Common PCB Footprint

  • Meets common industry PCB footprint designs with 1.27mm signal pitch
  • Compact and cost-effective design with common power and signal contact module
  • Flexible configuration with different contact quantities and positions
  • Better scalability (AC & DC, low power & high power)


Reliable Performance

  • Excellent mechanical and electrical performance
  • Easy mating/un-mating with proper retention force
  • Mating force 40N max with nominal mating PCB
  • Max operating temperature of 130°C
Super Card Edge Product Comparison

HD Card Edge Connectors Improve on Previous Generations