This type of connector is engineered for high Signal Integrity (SI) on printed circuit boards (PCBs). With a small design to increase PCB real estate, our card edge connectors provide performance reliability and design flexibility for the latest PCIe protocol solutions. The product portfolio consists of right angle, surface mount sockets with 52 contacts (for express mini card) or 76 contacts (for display mini card). Latches are available for selected heights. Some of the products in the category can support multiple function add-in cards and modules, including WiFi, Bluetooth, global navigation satellite systems, near field communication, and Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig).

Designing on the Edge

In tablets and notebook computers, our M.2 Connectors offer 0.5mm pitch with 67 positions and support PCI Express 3.0, USB 3.0, and SATA 3.0. In industrial controls and in data center modular rack, switching, and storage systems, our Eurocard connectors offer two-piece solutions with polarized housings that can reliably handle PCB frequencies below 3 MHz. In cameras and cell phones, our memory card connectors offer high-speed data transfer in a solution manufactured to existing SD memory card standards. With TE's broad portfolio of card edge connectors, you can easily find the right connector to fit your application.