Spring Fingers – Mobile Internal Connectors

Mobile Internal Connectors for IOT

Spring finger contacts (also known as shield fingers, grounding springs, universal ground contacts, or clips) can be used in all types of small printed circuit board applications across all industries. It can be used for antenna feeds, low voltage electrical connections, or for grounding to prevent EMI noise and static caused by a speaker, motor, microphone, or any other vibration within an application. We continue to expand our spring finger contacts portfolio, offering a broad range of styles, heights, and materials to meet all customers’ needs.

Ultra-Small Spring Fingers

Featured Product
  • Save valuable PCB space with one of the smallest footprints at 1.7 mm2 in the market 
  • Closed-loop contact design ensures reliable connection to the PCB, better normal force and higher current capacity (1.5A)
  • Robust side wall minimizes over-compression
  • Special anti-lifting design can improve assembly efficiency by locking the tip of the contact within the sidewall of the spring finger, which helps prevent the contact from getting caught on an operator's glove during assembly
  • Pick-and-place area supports auto-assembly processes
ultra small spring finger
Ultra-Small Spring Fingers

Product Features

Spring Finger Contacts
  • Used for grounding between a device and PCB
  • Provides shielding for anything that can cause vibrations within a device, such as motors, speakers, and microphones
  • Provides a cost effective solution for antenna feeds in all types of devices
  • Requires limited space on a PCB
  • Used as a connection for simple stacking applications between primary and secondary PCBs
  • Available in heights as low as 0.4mm and up to 7mm
  • Accommodates soldering and pick and place, using standard equipment
Standard Flat Contacts - Box and

Standard Flat Contacts

Standard box and C-type connectors both have simple geometry for easy application.

Pre-loaded Spring Finger Contact

Pre-loaded Spring Finger Contact

Pre-loaded spring fingers are recommended when a stable electrical contact with minimal deflection is needed. The force change is minimized over the working range of the spring finger. Pre-loaded spring fingers are available in three scalable families.

Ulta Low Profile Spring Finger Contact

Ulta Low Profile Spring Finger Contact

Ulta low profile, Y-type spring fingers are used in applications where low effective heights are needed.

Ultra-small Spring Finger Contact

Ultra-small Spring Finger Contact

Offered in different heights and styles/form factors, ultra small spring fingers are used in a broad range of applications with space constraints across various industries.

Select Applications

Spring Finger Contacts
  • IoT 
  • Mobile phones
  • Wearable devices
  • Game consoles
  • Tablets
  • Patient monitoring devices
  • POS scanners
  • Security systems
  • GPS devices


  1. Scalable Spring Finger Contacts (English)

A 360-degree view of our spring fingers – also known as shield fingers, grounding fingers, or universal contacts.

  • Slim Solutions (English)

Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Finger Contacts

Q: Why would I use a pre-loaded spring finger in an application?
A: A pre-loaded spring finger allows for the same amount of force with a smaller compression and provides a stable electrical contact with minimal deflection. These features are useful for applications with limited available height.


Q: Which style of spring finger is best for my application?
A: Spring fingers are typically some of the last pieces added to a board. The type used depends upon the height and space left on the board, but the decision is typically based on your design needs.