Maximum Density, Half the Space

The port spacing is on a 7mm centerline, occupying only half the space of a traditional RJ45 Ethernet link. In addition to the high density receptacle, TE offers the mating cable assembly along with cable management solutions for single-box and rack configurations. The receptacle and cable assembly were redesigned to eliminate the undesirable RJ45 split-pair configuration, which leads to heightened electrical performance. Additionally, the latching feature incorporates an easy-to-use lanyard that facilitates up to 96 ports on a single line card. Due to the density on the receptacle face, the light from the LEDs is transferred out through the cable boot, bringing the port indicator light closer to the end user.

Product Features:

RJ point five Connectors
  • Approximately double the density offered over the standard RJ45 Ethernet link
  • Receptacle is a modular design to allow for easy and rapid deployment of product extensions
  • Field installations offered on cable assemblies, providing an option- versus factory-terminated solution
  • Product supports gigabit speeds of Cat5e U/UTP and Cat5e F/UTP stranded (tinned) cable
RJ Point Five Receptacles and Plugs
RJ point five connector system

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