Dimming Receptacle with NEMA Socket

Street Lighting Receptacle with NEMA Socket

Our LUMAWISE Endurance N NEMA dimming receptacles provide an electrical and mechanical interconnection between an ANSI C136 based network lighting control and luminaire. Engineered for outdoor commercial and utility lighting the NEMA receptacle is available with 3 power contacts (C136.10 compliant) and 2 or 4 signal contacts (C136.41 compliant) providing for 0-10V dimming and other auxiliary functionality. In applications where rotation of the lighting control to North is desired the LUMAWISE Endurance N family of receptacles offers two rotatable solutions which allow rotation up to 355 degrees.

Features and Benefits

Street lighting receptacles
  • Robust twist lock contacts for a reliable power interconnect.
  • Available with two or four dimming contacts to support one or two channel dimming protocols.
  • Accepts ANSI standard shorting caps, photocells and other controls providing a C136 compliant connection to the luminaire.
  • Provides IP66 seal rating to the luminaire when mated with Endurance N control bases.
  • Rotatable versions rotate up to 355 degrees.
  • Receptacles come pre-terminated with wire leads for ease of integration into new or existing light fixtures.
  • Available with 105° or 150° C rated wire insulation for varying temperature rated luminaires.


  • Street and roadway lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  1. 60 second Spotlight: Dimming Receptacle (English)

Product Manager Alex Hunt III explains why customers are so interested in our rotatable dimming receptacle and how it solves their installation challenges and helps speed the adoption of LEDs in street lighting applications driving energy efficiency and savings for end customers.