NECTOR Power System

Small form factor lighting connector

The NECTOR power system is a flexible, fully pluggable, modular wiring, sealed connector and cabling system for permanent power and data circuit electrical installations in the construction and lighting industries. The NECTOR power system provides a reconfigurable, “plug and play” alternative to traditional hard-wired electrical connections.

NECTOR Power system solution is a fully pluggable, modular wiring connector and cabling system for lighting and permanent indoor electrical installations in the construction industry. It’s round design drastically reduced installation time especially compared to rectangular connector systems in nearly any indoor installation. The enhanced systems allow electrical contract manufacturers the ability to engineer, design and build power distribution units, electrical devices and cable assemblies off-site that result in reduced on-site labor costs, increased efficiency and improved reliability for permanent electrical installations.

Product Features

NECTOR S Power system
  • Enable quick assembly of a complete lighting system with power-to-luminaire components and cable assemblies
  • Ensure “error proof” installation with a fully pluggable interconnect solution
  • Provide maximum design flexibility with both high and low voltage versions in the same footprint
  • Offer material cost, time and space savings by means of a 6-way distributor that provides power to multiple luminaires from a single source


  • Architectural Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Residential Lighting
  • Retail Display Lighting
  • Power Distribution
  • Commercial Office
  • Retail Buildings
  • Factory Built Construction