Rugged High-Speed Connectors: Higher Speeds, Higher Reliability

Our high-reliability, high-performance, high-speed connectors for aerospace and military applications support VITA standards, VPX protocols, Embedded Computing, and wired connections for various protocols up to 10 GB/s. These products provide seamless integration from the backplane to box-to-box connections and give you more choices and more flexibility in designing next-generation systems and meeting SWaP (size, weight and power) needs.

Featured Products:

Rugged High-Speed Connectors
  • CeeLok FAS-T Connector
  • CeeLok FAS-T Nano Circular Connector
  • CeeLok FAS-X Connector
  • Mezalok Connector (VITA 61)
  • MULTIGIG RT 2 Connector (VITA 46)
  • MULTIGIG RT 2-R Connector (VITA 72)
  • MULTIGIG RT 3 Connector 
  • Fortis Zd Connector
  • Quadrax Product Family

CeeLok FAS-T Connector

Ruggedized circular I/O connector supporting 10 GB/s

TE's CeeLok FAS-T connector is one of the most rugged, small, 10 GB/s ethernet, field terminable I/O connectors is the Aerospace, Defense and Marine marketplace.  It has been designed to perform in some of the most extreme environment in the industry, while providing substantial size and weight savings via its small shell size 8 form factor.  Unique "T" pin pattern minimizes electrical impedence and crosstalk.

CeeLok FAS-T Nano cirular connectors

Flexible, rugged, compact 10 GB/s ethernet connectivity

TE's CeeLok FAS-T Nano cirular connectors use the same shells as our well-established environmentally sealed Nanonics circular connectors, but with an enhanced insert to support high-speed signals.  The 8-position T-shaped contact pattern provides noise cancellation and decoupling to minimize crosstalk and increase signal integrity.

ceelok fas-t
CeeLok FAS-T Connector
CeeLok FAS-T Nano Circular Connector
CeeLok FAS-T Nano Circular Connector

CeeLok FAS-X Connector

The high speed solution for 10 Gb/s data deliverery using rugged, mil-spec components

TE's CeeLok FAS-X connectors use reliable AS39029 contacts and standard M38999 connector shells designed for rugged environments to provide reliable, consistent high-speed performance. The "X" pin configuration is designed to optimize signal integrity. The connectors are available with aluminum or composite shells. CeeLok FAS-X connectors are MIL-DTL-32546 approved high speed connectors. 

CeeLok FAS-X
CeeLok FAS-X Connector

Mezalok Connector

Mezzanine connector incorporating “quad-redundant” mini-box contact system

Mezalok connectors are rugged surface mount mezzanine connectors incorporating "quad-redundant" mini-box contact system for separable interface.  Available in 60, 114 and 320 positions with stack height options 10, 12, 15 and 18 mm.  The 114 positon is designed to support VITA 61 XMC  architecture as a rugged, high speed alternative to VITA 42 XMC 2.0.

Mezalok Connectors
Mezalok Connectors

MULTIGIG RT 2 Connector

Modular connector system for VPX applications supporting data rates to 10 Gb/s

The MULTIGIG RT 2 connector, the standard for VITA 46, supports data rates up to 10 Gb/s and represents a huge step forward in the world of rugged computing and C4ISR enabling technology. The modular connector system features a protected backplane connector and uses a pinless interface and wafer-based design in place of pin contacts.  The connector system also offers built in ESD features enabling field serviceability, is extremely light weight and is fully qualified for VITA 46 environments.

MULTIGIG RT 2-R Connector

Quad redundant contact system to meet VITA 72 shock and vibration protocols

MULTGIG RT 2-R connectors designed to meet VITA 72 environmental performance, while levaraging all the technical and economic benefits of VITA 72 VPX.  Quad-redundant contact system  increases reliability in a high vibration environments by providing double the points of contact versus our standard MULTIGIG RT 2 connector.  

MULTIGIG RT 2 and 2R Connector
MULTIGIG RT 2 and 2R Connector

Fortis Zd Connector

Board level connector for extreme mechanical and electrical performance applications of 10+ Gb/s

With high speeds and high reliability in demanding applications, the Fortis Zd connector family is designed to meet next-generation processing intensive applications.  The connectors support speeds of 10+ Gb/s in a design that saves space and weight.  

Fortis Zd LRM Connector

Rugged next-generation packaging made flexible with lightweight, modular system

The Fortis Zd LRM connector system is a modular connector system for rugged next-generation packaging, from avionics boxes to military ground vehicles.  It features a rugged, lightweight, multibay shell that accepts high-speed digital signal, power RF and optical modules.  

Fortis Zd Connector
Fortis Zd Connector
Fortis LRM Connector
Fortis LRM Connector

Quadrax Product Family

Multi-signal contact systems for high-speed applications

TE offers the highly versatile Quadrax multi-signal contact system consisting of two differential pairs (matched impedence) used with quadraxial Ethernet and Fibre Channel cables.  Quadrax contacts are available in shell size 8 (keyed), 24 AWG pin and socket contacts, hex crimp, and pin PCB tail solderable versions. They are adaptable to a variety of connectors, including ARINC 600, 404, D-Subminiature and MIL-DTL-38999, and are designed for use in high-speed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.3Z and Fibre Channel X3T11.