Shielded Backshells Solution

TE offers an extensive family of screening adapters to suit a range of performance requirements, including individual screen terminations, standard band strap backshells, and braided backshells.

Designed for screen termination and sealing. From HexaShield high-performance individual screen terminations, to one-piece KTKK assemblies and Tinel-Lock 360° adapters, TE’s backshells and adapters offer a high level of environmental and mechanical protection. Designed to accommodate both screen termination and sealing using heat-shrink molded parts, TE’s backshells are ideal for both sealed and unsealed systems. 


Band strap adapters and bands are qualified to AS85049/82 thru /90 and /128


Side entry tinel-lock ring

Backshells/Adapters Product Selection

Code Connector Mil Spec  Backshell Type Straight Description 45 Degree Description 90 Degree Description
18 AS50151(AS31001) Braided Adapter 218M7XX  218M8XX 218M9XX
    Tinel-Lock Adapter TXR18XX00 TXR18XX45 TXR18XX90
21 MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 Braided Adapter 206M0XX 206M1XX 206M2XX
    Tinel-Lock Adapter TXR21XX00 TXR21XX45 TXR21XX90
    Band Strap BND21XX00 BND21XX45 BND21XX90
40 MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and IV  Braided Adapter 208M7XX 208M8XX 208M9XX
    Tinel-Lock Adapter TXR40XX00 TXR40XX45 TXR40XX90
    Band Strap  BND40XX00 BND40XX45 BND40XX90
41 MIL-DTL-38999 Series 1 and II Braided Adapter 204M00XX 204M1XX 204MXX
    Tinel-Lock Adapter TXR41XX00 TXR41XX45 TXR41XX90
    Band Strap BND41XX00 BND41XX45 BND41XX90
54 AS50151 (AS34001), MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2, MIL-DTL-83723 Series I and III, AS81703 Series III Braided Adapter 203M0XX 203M1XX 203M2XX
    Tinel-Lock Adapter TXR54XX00 TXR54XX45 TXR54XX90
    Band Strap BND54XX00 BND54XX45 BND54XX90

See catalog page above for more details.  

Tinel-Lock Adapter and Ring

This termination system consists of a modified spin-coupling adapter with a Tinel-Lock ring. The Tinel-Lock ring is made from a special shape memory metal that shrinks uniformly when heated. The Tinel-Lock ring is used to terminate copper cable braid directly onto the rear of the adapter. The adapter entry size and ring designator must be selected to suit the cable diameter and braid type. The resulting 360o termination withstands severe shock, vibration, temperature cycling and corrosion. Straight, 45o and 90o configurations are available.

Tinel rings are marked with a termochromic paint, which changes color when the correct installation temperature is reached.  

Braid type, material and construction are variable.  Refer to drawing CH00-0250-008 for Tinel-Lock Adapters.

Braid Type Ring Designator
Single layer 36 AWG AI
Single layer 34 AWG AI
Single layer 32 AWG BI
Single layer 30 AWG BI
Double layer 36 AWG BI
Double layer 34 AWG  BI

A or B =  Size of Braid  I = Insulating layer


AS85049 Adapters and Band Straps

The band strap termination system provides ease of installation and repair. The self-coupling locking nut provides an improved mechanical protection against loosening under vibration. There are two forms of band that are available - precoiled and straight.  

Refer to R85049 drawing for more detailed information.   

M85049 = TE part description R85049

Connector Type TE Part Description and Specification Sheet Straight, 45o or 90o
AS50151 (AS34001), MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2, MIL-DTL-83723 Series I and III, AS81703 Series III Connectors R85049/82 Straight
  R85049/83 45o
  R85049/84 90o
MIL-DTL-38999 Series 1 and II Connectors R85049/85 Straight
  R85049/86 45o
  R85049/87 90o
MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and IV Connectors R85049/88 Straight
  R85049/89 45o
  R85049/90 90o

Material Codes

Material Description Material Code: Shielded Adapters Material Code: Tinel-Lock Adapters Typical Applications
Aluminum alloy 19 A Standard material for normal applications 
Stainless steel 62 S Corrosion-resistant and high-temperature (firewall) applications
Nickel aluminum bronze 01 B Exposed marine environments 

Finish Codes

Finish Description Color Finish Code
Cadmium, per QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 3 over electroless nickel Olive drab B
Electroless nickel, per AMS-C-26074, Class 4, Grade B Bright Silver C
Anodized, hard, per MIL-A-8625, Type III, Class 2 Black G
Passivated, per QQ-P-25 or MIL-S-5002  -  J
Unplated, shotblast  -  W
Zinc Nickel Black

Other platings are available. Contact sales representative 

Benefits: Screened Backshells

  • Extensive number of adapters types and finishes
  • High-performance shield termination
  • Long-term performance 

Features: Screened Backshells

  • HexaShield adapter – for termination of individual cable screens
  • Tinel-Lock adapter – heat recoverable metal for superior screen termination
  • Lock Variable Angle backshells – for straight, 45° and 90° cable orientation
  • Braided backshells – flexible, adaptable screen termination
  • Band strap – for fast reliable screen termination
  • KTKK – one piece, high screening performance assembly

Applications: Screened Backshells

  • Shielded engine harnesses for military or commercial aircraft
  • Sealed and screened communication and power harnesses 
  • Environmental sealed and screened harnesses in ground radar systems
  • On board Navel combat vessels sealing and shielding vital electrical cables
  • Systems where HIRF and Lightning strike protection is required