FDBA Series Connectors

Reliability at 30,000 feet

TE’s DEUTSCH FDBA Series connectors are specifically designed for harsh environment such as landing gears, engine of commercial aircrafts. The stainless-steel version is specially designed for high temperature application. Variety of plating options are available to meet different environmental conditions.


DEUTSCH FDBA Series Connector
  • Bayonet Quick Locking
  • High Operating Temperature -55C to +200C
  • Sealed, Stainless Steel and Hermetic Versions Available
  • Customization Options
  • Large Accessories Range
  • EN3646 Qualified
  • Various Platings
  • PCB Mountable Options


Mechanical Characteristics

  • Shell Material:

   Sealed version: Aluminium alloy

   Hermetic version: Stainless Steel

  • Plating:  Black Anodize, Nickel, Cadmium 
  • Fluid Resistance: (in accordance with BES/SST/ELC/321/Prod. and MIL-C-26482). Jet fuels, engine oils and hydraulic fluids



bars Pressure Resistance


full coupling & uncoupling cycles of durability

5 mΩ

(FDBA 57 version) Shielding

Environmental Conditions

  • Service Temperature: – 55°C to + 200°C 


  • Thermal Shocks:

Sealed and Steel/Stainless Steel and Hermetic Version: 10 cycles from – 55°C to + 200°C

Aluminium Hermetic Version: 10 cycles from – 55°C to + 200°C 1 cycle 10 H/200°C


  • Sealing:

Sealed Version: (in accordance with MIL-C-26482). Maximum leackage ≤ 16 cm 3/h under 2.1 bars 


  • Air Leakage:

Hermetic Version: ≤ 1.10–6 mbar.l/s under 1 bar vaccum.