P18-SW400 Series Connectors

P18-SW400 Series Connectors

Designed for subsea applications such as subsea pumping, gas compression, power distribution and electrical heating, DEUTSCH P18-SW400 series meets the industry latest and most stringent requirements for Quality, Reliability and Robustness. This deep product range goes from cable terminations to insulated caps, through jumpers, penetrators, and wet-mate connectors. Supporting rated seawater temperatures from -5°C to +30°C, and depths down to 3000m, this 18/30(36)kV rated range is made for harsh subsea environments. Created for Subsea applications such as Subsea Pumping, Gas Compression, Power Distribution and Electrical Heating.

Product Features

P18-SW400 Series Connectors

Electrical Characteristics
• Number of Contacts: 1
• Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um): 18/30 (36) kV
• Maximum Rated Current: 400 A
• Rated Power Frequency: 15 to 200 Hz
• Insulation Resistance @5 kVDC: >10 GΩ
• Contact Resistance: <0.1 mΩ per contact


Mechanical Characteristics
• Rated Water Depth: 3000 m
• Rated Number of Mating Cycles: 30
• Differential Pressure Rating:
(internal-ambient) 300 bar
• Differential Pressure Rating:(ambient-internal) PBOF (±10 bar)
• Body Material: Super Duplex or 6Mo
• Insulation Material: PEEK
• Insulation Material (Penetrators): PEEK


Environmental Characteristics
• Rated Temperature (Seawater): -5°C to +30°C
• Rated Internal Temperature: 60°C
• Interfacing Internal Media: Nitrogen or dielectric oil
• Rated Temperature Range:-5°C to +30°C
• Storage Temperature Range: -25°C to +60°C
• Design Life: 25 years


Additional Characteristics
• Qualification Standard: TD0153, Final Ver. 1


Additional qualification standards or features available or possible to develop, please contact us


Years maintenance-free


Meters depth resistance

Easy to Interface

Compatible with a Large Range of Modules and Cables
  • Range of available interfaces for customers' modules or umbilicals,
  • Products designed to be fitted to any customers' systems,
  • Pressure balanced, atmospheric or pressurized modules, with several types of flanges available.

Large Range of Accessories

Test Connectors, Transport Cap and Special Packaging

TE's DEUTSCH brand ranges want to address the whole connection system problematic. You can get all the accessories you need for your wet mate connection system:

  • Transport or subsea caps
  • Voltage withstanding caps
  • Topside or subsea test connectors

Configurable Layout

TE's direct Termination Design enabling product adaption to customers' specific layout and deployment method

Whether you need a retrievable jumper with a wet mate each end or you plan to have side by side modules, we can use the standard component of this range to create the harness that fits your exact application.

Dedicated Support

TE has a large team of dedicated engineers to support your project, whether you need engineering support, testing or on-site installation services.