DEUTSCH DLS series connectors

Designed for Tough Downhole Applications

Designed for tough downhole applications, DEUTSCH DLS Series Connectors are compact, in-line, wet-mate connectors designed for high-pressure and high-temperature downhole environments for tool logging and monitoring applications. Supporting rated seawater temperatures from -20°C to +205°C, and pressures of 30,020psi, DLS connectors are made for the most extreme environments.

Product Features:

Mechanical Features:
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C to +205°C
  • Operating Pressure: 2070 bar (30 k psi)
  • Maximum Misalignment: 5 mm (0.197 inches)
Electrical Features:
  • Rated Voltage: 840 V
  • Contact Current Rating (Max.): 1.7 Amps at 205°C
  • Insulation Resistance: 20 mΩ at 205°C
  • Shell: marine bronze, super duplex
  • Insulators: PEEK, FKM
  • Contacts: golden plated copper alloy


Service temperature


psi - rated pressure