Circular Hybrid Connector

A connectivity solution offering high integration of data, signal and power transmission in a circular hybrid design according to the VARAN standard

TE Connectivity (TE) Introduces the Circular Hybrid Connector – CHC with 8 power and 4 data contacts for Industrial Ethernet Connections, the Circular Hybrid Connector has been designed for machine automation applications that require a higher performance data connection and power of up to 10 Amps. The connector provides highly reliable connection technology and meets the demanding durability and quality requirements of real-time Ethernet applications in industrial automation. Combining power supply and data into one single connector provides customers with greater flexibility in machine architecture. With VARAN-bus standard compatibility, the connector supports, for example, fast change over times of molds in molding machines, and simplified cabling reduces installation time by up to 50%.


The Real-Time Ethernet Bus System


Harsh environment ready


Installation reduction and time reduction by 50%

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely robust contact design for longer durability with stainless steel locking lance and multiple contact points
  • Hybrid design, combining power and data communication
  • Gold, silver and tin plated contacts for industrial automation requirements
  • Radial sealing elements provide IP65 sealing performance
  • Turning catch-lock ensures safe locking even in high shock and vibration applications


  • High-performance process control systems applications
  • Machine automation applications
  • Factory automation systems
  • Stand-alone or remote power units
  • Molding Machines, transport and sorting machines
  • Control valves and control units
  • Motors
  1. Circular Hybrid Connector (English)

Engineers designing industrial machinery are looking for solutions that combine both data communication and power supply in a single connection. TE Connectivity meets this need with the Circular Hybrid Connector. The circular hybrid connectors unique dual purpose design helps the connector provide up to 10 amps of power while simultaneously delivering high speed data transmission