Automotive-Grade 0.50-mm Miniature Connectors

Based on TE Connectivity’s (TE) highly successful MQS connector system, the NanoMQS miniature connector system offers a pin pitch of 1.8mm enabling a PCB footprint reduction by up to 50%.


0.13mm² to 35mm² wires supported


1.8mm Pin-pitch


Up to 50% reduced PCB footprint, compared to 2.54mm pin-pitch connector

  1. Miniaturized Automotive Connectivity (English)

Get to know our miniaturized connector systems and learn how we support smaller and lighter electronic components.

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In our 30-minute webinar we present you the automotive miniaturization portfolio for sealed and unsealed applications. The focus will be on the NanoMQS and MCON 0.50 Portfolio which are miniaturized connector systems specially developed to save space and weight, while maintaining the robustness requirements from automotive OEMs. Choose a date and get a dive into our NanoMQS portfolio.

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NanoMQS Connectors. The NanoMQS Top Latch (TL) and Side Latch (SL) series offer a high degree of automotive robustness and are LV214 compliant. With numerous possibilities for mechanical integration and manufacturability, they are available in 2 to 32 position connectors, supporting a wide range of applications. Smooth insertion and extraction confirm that their miniaturized form does not mean any loss of convenience. 


Nanomqs ffc connector
Nanomqs surface mount header

NanoMQS Contacts

A miniaturized terminal suitable for a contact blade dimension of 0.5 x 0.4mm, the NanoMQS contact extends the family of proven MQS contacts enabling a significant space and weight savings with a spatial volume reduction of up to 50%. The NanoMQS contact features excellent current carrying capability at high ambient temperatures. In addition, the NanoMQS terminal is designed to fulfill automotive OEM specifications. The portfolio includes receptacle & tab terminals for round wires, and FFC terminal for flat flexible/printable cables including different types of contact surfaces to suit every application technical requirements.

NanoMQS Features

  • Miniaturized, space-saving and robust terminal system for diverse number of positions
  • Signal terminal max. 6 Amps
  • Pin dimensions 0.5mm x 0.4mm
  • Nominal pitch 1.8mm
  • Wire size range max. 0.13 – 0.35mm2
  • Integrated into the MQS terminal family series
  • Primary and secondary locking capability
  • Designed for automotive applications
  • Koshiri Connector Design as Anti-Stubbing feature
  • CPA Option
  • THT & SMD Headers Portfolio


  • Engine Control Units & Airbags (NanoMQS & MCON 0.50 Sealed Systems)
  • Compact installations, eg. battery units (NanoMQS FFC)
  • Black Box applications with extreme space constraints

TE Connectivity has developed the NanoMultispring press-fit pin to meet the growing need for smaller pitch and packaging space in automotive applications.

  1. NanoMQS – Manual Loading (English)

Demonstration of manual NanoMQS terminal loading for unsealed and sealed housings highlighting TE's anti-rotation feature and audible clicks.

  • NanoMQS – Size and Weight Reduction (English)

  • NanoMQS - Termination and Loading (English)

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