Infotainment Connectivity Solutions

Connecting the connected vehicle. TE's infotainment products provide the next generation of connected vehicles with fast, reliable, and responsive connectivity solutions.

Connectivity solutions to meet a growing demand. The connected vehicle is powered by the demand for motor vehicle convenience and safety. This demand is driven by the need for connections with consumer devices and information to provide a safer environment for the driver and pedestrians. Both share the need for large amounts of data to be transferred and processed at a high speed in the vehicle. Our technologies are focused on consumer port applications, board-to-board connections, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and next-generation harness architecture.

High Speed Data (HSD) Connectors
High Speed Data (HSD) connectors
0.50 High Speed Link (HSL) Connectors
0.50 High Speed Link (HSL) connectors
HDMI Connectors
HDMI Connectors
Connectors for USCAR 30 Standards
Connectors for USCAR 30 standards
FAKRA RF Compliant Connector System
FAKRA RF compliant connector system
Stripline RF Connectors and Contacts
Stripline RF connectors and contacts