DEUTSCH Jiffy Splices

Quick and Easy Repairs

Our Jiffy Splices offer a unique single terminal solution, which is designed to protect connections from dirt, dust, and water immersion up to three feet. Used in harsh environments, such as the construction, mining, marine, and agricultural industries, Jiffy Splices are easy to install and help quickly repair damaged electrical connections on equipment at the jobsite. Jiffy Splices are made from the same high-quality silicone elastomer as our DEUTSCH industrial connector seals and grommets. This product features bodies with a contact retention system that secures a mated pair of contacts in a compact environmentally sealed unit.

Product Features:

Specs for DEUTSCH Jiffy Splices
  • 12-20 AWG (6.00-0.50mm2)
  • 1 cavity arrangement, available in two sizes
  • In-line
  • Cylindrical, silicone elastomeric body


The JS-12-00 accepts size twelve DEUTSCH contacts (25 amps) and utilizes 12-14 AWG.

The JS-16-00 uses 14-20 AWG wire and accepts size sixteen DEUTSCH contacts (13 amps).

Two sizes of Jiffy Splices
Jiffy Splices are available in two sizes.
Jiffy Splice cut away
Jiffy Splice bodies house a contact retention system.
  1. DEUTSCH Single Terminal Connector Overview & Assembly Instructions (English)

Learn about our DEUTSCH single terminal connectors, including DTHD, DTSK, and Jiffy Splices. These connectors are designed for harsh environment applications. Watch this video for an overview of the connectors and for step-by-step instructions on inserting and removing contacts, as well as mating and unmating.