Reliable and Optimized Power Network with Hard-Wired Power Distribution Boxes

TE Connectivity's (TE) hard-wired power distribution boxes and systems help provide the next evolution of reliable and optimized power network structure. The increasing number of functions in vehicles require a more reliable, multi-purpose and flexible power network and we offer standard and customized power distribution box solutions.

Helping to create a reliable and optimized connection system. Hard wired power distribution systems is one of the key technologies integrated on a vehicle wiring harness assembly that controls and distributes the current flow within the electric power net. TE's hard wired box portfolio provides flexible, cost-effective solutions for complex vehicle networks, or wiring with a broad range of variants for equipment. Our experience and competency enable us to propose specific solutions upon request.

automotive battery distribution unit (BDU) connector
automotive busbar power distribution connector
automotive terminal ring
automotive relay holders


  • Protection and switching devices
  • Direct wire fuse and relay solutions
  • Products compliant with most fuse technologies and plug-in relay
  • Compatible with most standard terminals and connector families


  • Global competencies on electro-mechanical components
  • We offer stand-alone modules, integrated solutions, and modular concepts 
  • Standard products as well as custom development

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Creating a quality crimp connection is essential to delivering high performance and reliability in extreme environments. From low to high volume wire processing, TE Connectivity (TE) has you covered with a full range of application tooling and a global field service team. Our knowledgeable product experts can guide you to the right tooling for your production requirements.

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