This connector is designed to meet the increased bandwidth and performance demands of hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) storage applications. Our serial ATA (SATA) connectors are compliant with SATA 3.0 specifications and deliver high-speed data transmission in a solution available in a wide range of sizes and orientations to save space. Our external SATA (eSATA) standard can accommodate speeds up to six times faster than existing external storage solutions like USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394.


In mid-range servers and both desktop and notebook PCs, TE's SATA connectors are engineered for point-to-point linking with hot-plugging capability. In single disk external drives to multi-disk storage and backup, our eSATA connectors prevents electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference, while withstanding frequent insertion and removal cycles and maintaining high-performance capabilities. As an active member of SATA-IO group, TE's SATA solutions are meeting the high-performance of today's electronics and networks.