For over 90 years our Utilux electrical connectors offer optimum reliability and durability, for all major power distribution applications. They are designed for original equipment manufacturers and electrical distribution companies.

Copper Conductor Terminations

This range of Utilux copper lugs and links is generally designed for standard metric building cable conforming to AS1125-174. However other types of cable can be used with the correct crimping procedures.

Aluminium Lugs and Links

Utilux aluminium lugs and links are manufactured from high conductivity aluminium. The lugs are forged to maximise conductivity and strength and also eliminate any moisture seepage.

Bi-Metal Lugs and Links

Copper to aluminium terminations can be made with the Utilux range of bi-metallic products.

copper lugs
bi-metal lugs
aluminium lugs
pre-insulated links

Compression Connectors

Uninsulated and Pre-insulated Terminals – Utilugs terminals come in both non insulated and pre-insulated options. Complete with PVC insulated barrel the SuperGrip Utilugs comes complete with additional copper over the barrel. Overhead Sleeves and Lugs – This range is designed for overhead AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductor in both non-tension and full tension applications. The splices are marked to clearly indicate the conductor type, crimping dies and crimping positions. Overhead Bolted Connectors – Bolted overhead fittings are versatile in several ways. Their basic design offers a range taking capability, no special tooling is required to effect a reliable connection, and each fitting may be re-used without loss of efficiency. Terminal Blocks – TE's Utilux melamine rail mounted terminal blocks offer space saving ease of assembly and efficient termination of conductor sizes form .55mm to 35mm and can be used with bare conductors, pin connectors and lip blade connectors.

Application Tooling

The Utilux application tooling suit a wide range of uses from the serious hobbyist to the professional or specialist.

Cable Management

The cable management products are used for fastening and bonding. A large range of pin clips are available for a range of cable bundle diameters. They provide a good means for neatly securing bundles of cable to surfaces.