Foil terminals engineered for reliable connections

Our TERMI-FOIL terminals can be used in air and oil filled transformers, capacitors, solenoids, relays, regulators, and others. These foil terminals are available in copper, brass, and steel base metal in plated, nickel, and plain. Tin plated items can be used up to 150 degrees C, and nickel-plated items can be used up to 343 degrees C. Our TERMI-FOIL terminals can be applied to bare or insulated copper, and bare, insulated, coated, or anodized aluminum.

Product Considerations

Concerns to address when choosing TERMI-FOIL terminals
  • The terminal must have the same current-carrying volume as the strip or aluminum foil.
  • To make the proper distribution of current to the strip or foil, the lanced area of the TERMI-FOIL terminal must cover a minimum of 60% of the foil strip or aluminum strip.
  • The current-carrying volume of the wire used with a TERMI-FOIL terminal with wire barrels needs to be considered to determine the current-carrying capacity of the connection.

Our TERMI-FOIL family of foil terminals are engineered to use strip or aluminum foil, providing options for making reliable connections beyond copper wire windings. Our foil terminals feature with an exact number of precision-spaced lances designed for penetrating surface oxides and insulation. After these lances are imbedded into the foil, the two faces are clamped together, resulting in a moisture-resistant and airtight connection. This connection strongly reduces the need for termination equipment and surface preparation.