Lower Applied Cost for Compact Motors

SIAMEZE insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals bring high-speed, solderless magnet wire termination to space constrained, small motor systems. The IDC terminal features a moving beam contact to fit a wide range of magnet wire sizes in a single terminal. SIAMEZE terminals can be applied with automated or manual assembly to achieve stable, gas-tight connections of either copper or aluminum magnet wire, without the need for pre-stripping. The system offers multiple terminal interface options, including quick disconnect tabs, posts, receptacles, and wire-to-wire IDC with an optional Lead Lok strain relief device.

Product Features

IDC Zone (in.) .220, .300, .550
Input / Output Types Wire-to-wire, Wire-to-blade, FASTON Tab, Solder Post, Eye of Needle, Round Pin, Leaf Spring
Wire Size (mm / AWG) Cu: 0.13-2.03 / 36-12
Al: 0.40-2.30 / 26-11
Materials / Plating Base: Brass, CuNiSi, CuCrSiTi
Plating: Tin, Pre-tin, Unplated
Max Number of Wires Magnet Wire: 1
Lead Wire: 1
Single Cavity Dimensions (in.) Min: .270H x .276W x .104T
Max: .630H x .410W x .135T
Max Wire Diameter Ratio N/A Max Operating Temp. (°C) 150
Type of Wire Magnet Wire (Cu / Al) & Stranded Lead Wire Agency Approval(s) UL
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