Easy-to-Assemble Locking Receptacles

Positive Lock terminals and housings are differentiated by their low insertion force (LIF) locking receptacles that offer easy assembly and reliable tab mating. The Positive Lock receptacle achieves high retention force while maintaining LIF by securely locking onto a hole in the mating tab. They provide the assembler with an audible and mechanical “snap” when the terminal is correctly seated, ensuring proper assembly - even in hard-to-reach places. The Positive Lock family features multiple series of quick connect terminals, including the ergonomic Mark I series, the Mark II series for value and reliability, and the Mark III series for design flexibility. Applications include appliances, industrial equipment, and automotive.

Product Features

Tab Width (in.) .110, .187, .250, .312 Orientations Straight, Left flag, Right flag
Tab Thickness (in.) .020, .025, .032 Crimp Types F-crimp, Tab-lock
Wire Size (AWG) 26-10 Materials / Plating Base: Brass, Phos. Bronze, Steel
Plating: Tin, Pre-tin, Silver, Nickel
Max Continuous Current (A) 24 Pre-insulation Available No
Max Operating Temperature (°C) Standard: 125
High-temp: 250
Agency Approval(s) UL, VDE, CSA
Receptacle to Tab Mating Force (N) ~30N per contact - varies by series Insulation Flammability Ratings UL 94 V-0 & V-2, Glow Wire

Featured Products

Positive Lock Mark I Low Insertion Force (LIF) Receptacles

The Mark I family are the lowest insertion force receptacles in their class. To reduce unwanted backout, they offer retention force with a mechanical snap that you can both hear and feel. Mark I receptacles provide a reliable, easy-to-use solution for high-current applications.


Positive Lock Mark II Receptacles for Value and Reliability

Combining low insertion force with high retention force, the Mark II family provides a cost-effective, reliable solution. The Mark II receptacles feature a detent lever created by punching out material from the transition area of the terminal. The rolls on these receptacles feature flared edges, preventing the tab from sliding on a bare edge, resulting in low insertion force. Models are available to meet high temperature requirements.


Positive Lock Mark III Receptacles for Design Flexibility

The Mark III family of receptacles offer low insertion force and high contact retention across a wide range of tab sizes, including .110, .187, and .250in width tabs. The Mark III receptacles feature a detent lever in the back transition area, similar to the Mark II product.


Positive Lock Multi-Position Connector with X-LIF Terminal

The Positive Lock multi-position connector with extra low insertion force (X-LIF) terminals was developed to meet industry demands for improved manufacturing efficiency and easier part mating.


Infinite Switch Housings

TE offers three and four position receptacle housings for use with M-style infinite switches and two and three position receptacle housings for use with K-style infinite switches. The M-style housings are designed for Positive Lock Mark II receptacles, but also accept FASTON receptacles. The K-style housings are designed for Positive Lock Mark II receptacles.


Low Profile 110 Series Positive Lock Receptacles and Housings

110 series Positive Lock receptacles have a long, low profile housing designed for deep terminal cavities, including gas igniter applications.






  1. Positive Lock Receptacles and Housings Overview (English)

Reliability is paramount when customers bring your products into their homes—that's part of why our engineers designed Positive Lock receptacles and housings. Check out the video to learn more about Positive Lock receptacles and housings.