Flexible connector system for lighting and electrical installations

Our NECTOR power system is a flexible, fully pluggable, modular wiring, sealed connector and cabling system for power and data circuit electrical installations in the construction and lighting industries. The NECTOR power system provides a reconfigurable, “plug and play” alternative to traditional hard-wired electrical connections.

NECTOR power system solution is a fully pluggable, modular wiring connector and cabling system for lighting and electrical installations. Our portfolio consists of NECTOR S connectors, engineered to reduce installation time in nearly any indoor lighting installation through a round, small form design. Our NECTOR T connectors are IP67/IP68 rated field installable connectors with standard M3 screw termination or crimp contacts engineered for high humidity and harsh environment installations like horticultural and outdoor lighting. Both these products allow electrical contract manufacturers the ability and option to engineer, design and build power distribution units, electrical devices and cable assemblies off-site that result in reduced on-site labor costs, increased efficiency and improved reliability for permanent electrical installations. The system provides a reconfigurable, “plug and play” principle with upgraded modular wiring connectors. Learn more about both these products below.

Power-splitting is fast and easy with our NECTOR T connectors. These products offer a complete solution including 3-way and 4-way splitters, splice and panel mount connectors for high humidity and harsh environment applications like garden lighting, horticultural lighting, building facade lighting and other outdoor installations.

Product Features

NECTOR T Power system
  • Improves installation efficiency with easy to use screw termination
  • Suited to broad range of wire sizes (1.5mm2 to 4.0mm2)
  • IP67/68 rated for moisture tight application
  • Helps provide flexibility and material cost savings during installation by reducing waste
  • Allows pre-terminated cables with lower labor / installation costs
  • Protects against UV (sun light) rain and dust for use outdoors without functional failure due to the environment providing long-life and reliability
  • Provides protection to the mating interface in an unmated / open condition
  1. Tackling Humidity with New Developments in NECTOR Technology (English)

How can farmers meet the demand of farm-to-table goods in less than 24 hours? Horticultural farming. Due to market urgency and city migration, horticulture is becoming the second-fastest adopter of LED lighting. Yet with the boom in horticultural farming comes a constant state of humidity. Alex Hunt will provide an overview in TE Connectivity’s latest technologies and solutions to meet this industry’s unique needs and protect against water ingress.

This 7.5mm connector can easily fit in an 8 mm opening compared to other connectors that require much larger openings. The NECTOR S Line connector is ideal for applications where a power connection and coupling between lamps are needed.

Product Features

NECTOR S Power system
  • Designed specifically for the lighting industry
  • Plug & Play principle with upgraded modular wiring connectors
  • Energy Efficient products that integrates into low and high voltage SSL luminaires
  • Easy-to-install solution that fits in 8mm opening
  • Sealed plug & outlet connector provides IP67 protection
  • Flexible Solution that can make lighting visualizations a reality



  • Lighting 
  • Residential: kitchen and bathroom 
  • Retail: display, shelves, commercial refrigeration 
  • Horticulture: vertical farming
  • Commercial Office: small spot lighting
  • Ship and Yacht electrical installation