Solutions for Electrified Transportation

HIGH VOLTAGE / HIGH CURRENT / HIGH POWER. The electrification of commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machinery has picked up considerable speed in recent years. On the conventional, mostly diesel-driven side, the rise of sub-systems such as supercaps, electric power steering or e-compressors for hydraulics calls for components suitable to handle several kilowatts. At the same time, there is a trend for hybrid or fully electric powertrain solutions driven by the mounting concerns with respect to climate change and CO² emissions.

Trend to Electrified Transportation

Companies all over the world are embarking on new ways of electrical transportation. They all combine high voltage levels with considerable electric currents to provide the necessary power. This calls for new ways of power distribution.

The trend to transportation electrification is further accelerated by city administrations that declare their intention to ban diesel-fueled cars, trucks or buses by the end of the decade. And newly launched NOx legislation in the US and in Europe will drive up the total cost of ownership for internal combustion engine vehicles towards or even beyond a critical point.

TE's High Power Solutions

In the past, electric power needs on conventional vehicles rarely surpassed a few kilowatts. Now, they are at times headed towards the barrier of 1 megawatt, i.e. three orders of magnitude higher. To support this development, a new class of products emerged in recent years. Among them are connectors, switches, contactors and sub-assemblies that had to be tailored to the specific requirements of on- and off-highway mobility. Vibration, dust, moisture, elevated temperature or flame retardance, to name only a few, are among the challenges of the harsh environments in which commercial and industrial vehicles need to reliably and safely operate.

All products are matched to each other in the high current range, up to 500 A continuous current.  Due to the common connection found in KISSLING products, it is possible to fix the components directly on the PCB board without the need for additional cabling. Also, the soldering of the components to the PCB is no longer necessary. Like all KISSLING products, the PCB boards have been developed and designed for use in robust environmental conditions.

Fuses, Cable Sets & Battery Disconnects

  • Electronic components are developed and ordered according to the relevant specifications
  • Rated for -40°C to +90°C environmental operating temperatures

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

  • PCB stacking possible in one box
  • Boards are customized to fit to customer needs, customer requirements and customer applications
  • PCB can be assembled on both sides
  • PCBs can safely carry up to 500 A – continuous
  • Up to 14 layers possible for high currents
  • 20 times overload possible
  • Component and torque details visible on board for safer service
Relays and contactors

Relays and Contactors

  • Integrated electronics for direct control connection from ECU (INIT)
  • Wide variety of relays and contactors from medium (power train relay) to heavy duty contactors (fast charger relay)
  • 12 Volt / 24 Volt / High Voltage
  • Relays with auxiliary contact available
  • Vehicle-to-grid capability
  • PWM electronics as an option

Power Elements and PCB Connectors

  • Press fit elements to assemble and contact high voltage components
  • Low contact resistance
  • Protection of PCB against mechanical stresses
  • High vibration resistance
  • Low voltage sockets to connect fuse base / relay socket / sensors / resistor to the PCB