KISSLING Customized & Customer-Individual Solutions

TE Connectivity's KISSLING brand is seen as a pioneer for technical innovation and development of unconventional switching solutions. Our strength lies in the development of special customized solutions for applications where standard products exceed their limits. After carefully analyzing the specific application (and this analysis can be performed together with you on-site if appropriate), we can propose an optimal solution that is both cost effective and entirely meets your requirements.

The KISSLING brand maintains a high degree of verticle integration in the manufacturing process and close interaction between manufacturing and engineering.  This gives us the ability to model, prototype, tool and test in-house with the latest technology - and ultimately provide our customers with rapid results combined with reliable quality. From rapid prototype and early sample manufacturing - to series production,

we organize not just the product development, but also the accomanying and provides assistance with any necessary accompanying and appropriate audits and certifications. Our internal requirements are set in accordance with the standards of various manufacturing and industrial standards, e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001, AS9100, MIL-R-6106, ISO/TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Close to the Clients

Using our modern laboratory test equipment, we can guide you through:

  • Environmental testing: Shock and vibration / climate and temperature / combination of shock, vibration, temperature and climate / sealing
  • Lifecycle tests: Mechanical life I Electrical life
  • Safety tests: Electric strength / insulation test
  • EMC tests: All tests in accordance with internationally valid standards and / or customer specifications.

Vehicle Power Distribution Modules

  • PCB board + component
  • Power distribution systems used in vehicles (mobile machines, buses, etc.)
  • Many expansion capabilities (additional function)
  • Customizable economic solutions even for small to medium quantities
  • optimized for special vehicles





Power PCB Assemblies & Subsystems

  • Better alternative for complex cabling situations by replacing discrete wiring with power PCB
  • Save space.  Save cost. Reduce rework rate.
  • Minimize assembly time (final vehicle assembly) & and improve quality rates
  • PCB solutions up to 300 A continuous current
  • Complete design, manufacturing and subsystem assembly services available




Custom Relays & Switches

  • Both derivations of existing products and new designs possible 
  • Both mechanical and electrical properties can be customised
  • Special designs for extreme operating conditions are our strength
  • Economical solutions - also for smaller volume specialty solutions