kilovac family

A Heritage of High Voltage Performance

Since 1964, the KILOVAC product line has been instrumental in safely and reliably managing a wide variety of high voltage applications. These small, lightweight relays and contactors are used extensively in aerospace, space, subsea and military applications as well as a variety of ground-based applications.

Product Features

KILOVAC High Voltage Relays and Contactors

• Hermetically Sealed for Harsh Environments
• Excellent Size to Power Ratio
• Ability to Interrupt DC Loads
• High Shock and Vibration Performance
• Wide Temperature Range
• Voltage ratings to 70 KVDC
• Current ratings to 1,000 Amps
• Low and Stable Contact Resistance Over Life

Featured Applications

KILOVAC High Voltage Relays and Contactors

• Avionics and Aerospace Communications
• Military and Commercial Aerospace
• Military Lasers
• Military Hybrid Drive Systems
• Space Vehicle and Satellite Applications
• Undersea Fiber Optics
• Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
• Radar/Radar Jamming
• Fire Control/Weapon Systems
• Alternative/Clean Energy (Solar, Wind)