LIF 250 FASTON Receptacle with 2D Crimp

TE Connectivity’s (TE) new low insertion force (LIF) 250 FASTON receptacle terminal with 2D crimp  is designed for a broad range of quick disconnect applications. This new LIF FASTON receptacle requires less than 6 lbs of insertion force while still providing excellent retention force when used with a 0.250 x 0.032 in. FASTON tab. The 2D crimp accommodates wire sizes from 22 to 12AWG using the same applicator while providing electrical and mechanical properties comparable to those of the traditional F crimp. This can reduce the number of part numbers to spec in, buy and inventory; reduce applicator cost and set-up; and improve applicator efficiency. This LIF 250 FASTON receptacle with 2D crimp technology can be used across all industries, where a standard F crimp 250 FASTON receptacle might have been considered.

Product Features

  • Insertion force is 6 lbs or less when used with a 0.250 x 0.032 in FASTON tab, easing assembly
  • One terminal covers many wire sizes, potentially reducing design-in, procurement and inventory cost
  • Only a single applicator is required, reducing applicator cost and set-up time.
  • With only minor setting changes required to accommodate the different wire sizes, applicator efficiency can be improved
  • UL recognized, file E66717




1 terminal accommodates 6 wire sizes, 22-12AWG, plus intermediate and undersize wires


The same applicator can accommodate wire sizes 22-12AWG with only a minor adjustment

Application Tooling

Applicator, conversion kits, and hand tools available.

Applicator and Conversion Kits

  • One TE OCEAN applicator can apply a terminal based on 2D crimp technology to wire sizes from 22-12AWG.
  • For customers who already have TE applicators for the F crimp 250 series straight FASTON receptacles, TE will offer conversion kits. Each kit will consist of wire crimpers, insulation crimper and anvil. The kit will enable an existing TE applicator to be used with 2D crimp terminals and wire sizes from 22-12AWG.


Hand Tool

  • The SDE-SA hand tool can be used with appropriate SDE die sets and crimp nests to apply a terminal with 2D crimp to wire sizes from 22-12AWG for prototyping and other low volume requirements. 

Part number 2238026-2 is the first of a series of new terminals using 2D crimp technology that TE plans to roll out over the coming months.