CII High-Performance Relays

Relays for reliable switching in harsh environments

Our high performance relays provide enhanced switching and electrical specifications for demanding environments. The high performance relays are engineered to perform reliably in commercial, nuclear, harsh aerospace and military applications. These are available in multiple pole contacts with ratings that range from 1 to 60A with MIL qualifications on many versions. The high performance relays are available in many mounting and terminal configurations to fit your specific application.

Product Features

  • Multiple contact configurations
  • Hermetically sealed enclosures
  • Commercial, COTS and military qualified versions
  • 1 to 60A rated contacts and outputs
  • Choices of mounting and terminal styles


Our CII mid-range relays offer critical size and weight savings in aircraft applications by providing efficient power switching in a compact package. Our relays vary in size from the compact 5 amp package all the way up to a 50 amp version in a 1 inch cube enclosure. Our balanced force design provides the benefit of consistently high contact pressure, reduced bounce, and less arching leading to extended contact life. A variety of coil options are vailable which allow the AC or DC control. Our CII low-signal electromechanical relays are designed and built to perform under  demanding environmental conditions in military, aerospace, and commercial applications. Relays are rated from signal level up to 10 amps switching in a variety of package sizes, mounting configurations, and termination options. There are both nonlatching and latching  designs. Standard, bifilar, and sensitive coils are available with optional diode suppression. 

The Advantage of CII

  • Industry leaders in QPL qualified part numbers available
  • Only relay manufacturer qualified to P level on many M39016 and M28776 products