Full range of terminal block connectors

Our BUCHANAN PCB terminal blocks feature a variety of wire termination methods, including rising cage screw clamp and push-in clamp. The design of our terminal block connectors consists of one-piece board mount terminal blocks and two-piece plug connectors with mating straight and right angle shrouded headers. Our board mount connectors, as well as our PCB headers, are stackable end-to-end without loss of center line spacing. Ease of assembly is facilitated by our built-in interlocks on the modular housings types. Pre-assembled products can be delivered upon request.

Product Benefits

Terminal Blocks and Barrier Strips
  • Nonmagnetic metal parts, allowing usage in EMV sensitive devices and corrosive environments
  • Low temperature rise during operation due to maximal contact force 
  • All terminal blocks are supplied with open screws which shortens the time for connection 
  • The double captive screw system guards against lost screws
  • The housing material used is halogen-free Polyamide 6.6 per UL 94V-0 (self-extinguishing) 
  • Rising cage and screw clamp versions come with post tin-plated contacts with nickel underplate which allows the product to be used in corrosive environments 
  • Through-hole reflow compatible versions are available for cost-efficient soldering process


Our Buchanan portfolio with push-in clamp termination PCB connectors are designed to enable toolless wire insertion of ferruled and unferruled wires. This features saves up to 80% installation labor time vs. traditional screw-clamp termination, leading to important cost savings. The design of the PCB connectors in 3.5 mm and 5.0 mm pitch consists of  two-piece plug connectors with mating straight and right angle shrouded headers. Our electrical terminal block connectors are engineered for reliability and available in a variety of connection styles and range of centerlines. Our engineers designed this product for use in control system applications to address high density signal and power applications.