AMPOWER is ideally suited for power generation and distribution

TE Connectivity's AMPOWER terminals and splices provide a high quality solution that is designed specifically for large cables and leads to deliver maximum conductivity, excellent mechanical strength, and electrical performance.

AMPOWER terminals and splices are made of high quality seamless tubular copper for excellent conductivity. Our special tin plating process inhibits corrosion and provides trouble-free service. A special die stamping process converts the copper tube into a double thickness rectangular tongue with a short strong transfer section. These factors combine with the formulated AMPOWER terminal crimp to produce excellent conductivity and excellent strength.


With our compression crimping, TE offers a reliable technology that is completely mechanical and controllable from first to last crimp, eliminating variables common to other crimping methods, such as melting temperatures, flux composition, entrapped gases, or oxidation.


AMPOWER terminals and splices are ideally suited for power generation and distribution. This makes electrical equipment subject to continuous operation, such as generators, motors and welders a perfect application for AMPOWER products. In addition, other applications include interconnections of power supplies to computers and peripheral equipment.


The AMPOWER quick disconnect terminals have been specifically designed for use in the transportation industry since they provide a highly reliable and economic means of terminating large power cables and leads. They are ideally suited for a variety of applications such as motors, generators, transformers, plus numerous other electrical equipment subjected to shock and vibration as well as long continuous periods of operation.