AT-SC MKII Pneumatic Crimping Machine

Maximum Ease of Use, Optimum Safety

The AT-SC MK II Pneumatic Safety Crimping Machine crimps loose piece terminals onto wires, and is designed to crimp connections up to 50.0 mm2 depending on the terminal design. Featuring a fitted safety valve, crimping is not released when the size of the opening between the impact surfaces of the dies exceeds 5.9 mm. Thanks to this special feature, it is not necessary to fit safety guards to protect the operator and is in accordance with legal requirements. The use of a safety double foot pedal simplifies the operation while increasing productivity.


7,868 lbs max crimp force


CE compliant


  • Economic and flexible processing of loose piece terminals (LPT) 
  • Machine processing with common hand tool dies 
  • Improved ergonomics (the third hand for hand tool processing is no longer required) 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Loose piece terminal processing with different die formats 
  • Die change system with die adapters 
  • CE complian
  • Pneumatic crimping machine 
  • Straight action machine 
  • Parallel closing mechanism 
  • Safety system
  • Tool less adapter change LED work light 
  • Variable closing speed 
  • Terminal pre-centering system 
  • Short cycle time 
  • Electronics piece counter 
  • Ergonomic design
  1. The SDE Advantage Story (English)

With Standard Die Envelope (SDE) compatible tools, you can utilize the same easily interchangeable SDE die sets found in portable hand tools or electric bench equipment. Staying in the SDE family allows your tools to grow as your needs grow.

AC-5ND Air-Powered Tool

Asia-Pacific Region Only

The air-powered AC-5ND is capable of crimping several types of terminals up to 5.5mm2 with interchangable jaws (sold separately) and is bench mounted, making it ideal for continuous crimping on the production line. The AC-5ND comes standard with the AF2 foot pedal, which uses an air timer to regulate butting time regardless of the operator. This prevents spring back of the crimped terminal and maintains constant crimp heights. 


Loose Piece Contacts
  • Coaxial connectors
  • Fiber optic connectors
  • Pin and socket connectors
  • Receptacle and tab connecotrs
  • Modular plugs
  • PC card connectors
  • Universal data connector kits
  • Terminals and splices (insulated and uninsulated)
  • Braid-pic braid termination
  • PIDG and PLASTI-GRIP terminals and splices
  • Receptacles and tabs (FASTON and Ultra-Fast FASTON)
  • Spare wire caps
  • Closed end splices
  • Series F CATV plugs