Versatile Benchtop Wire Harness Tooling

The MTA bench machine was developed to support spec-compliant processing of MTA connectors in small commercial volumes. The benchtop insulation displacement contact (IDC) termination machine is equipped for processing MTA-100 connectors and can be easily modified with an optional conversion kit to support MTA-156 connectors. The MTA bench machine can complete 4 million terminations per year and can be used to assemble both simple and complex harness systems. The system also features a foot-switch trigger that allows operators to use two hands while positioning wires for termination.


  • Compact benchtop machine for insulation displacement contact (IDC) termination
  • Spec-compliant processing of MTA-100 and MTA-156 connectors
  • Easy-to-use digital interface
  • Production capacity of up to 4 million terminations per year
  • Foot-switch termination trigger
  • CE certification

Available Options

  • Optional MTA-156 connector conversion kit

Applicable Connectors

  • MTA-100 connectors
  • MTA-156 connectors