Fully Automated Processing of RAST Connectors

The MHM family of machines are fully-automated termination machines designed for medium to large-scale processing of RAST 2.5 and RAST 5 insulation displacement contact (IDC) and crimp connectors. The MHM machines are equipped for terminating TE RAST connectors into complex wire harness designs. The system completes all necessary steps for spec-compliant processing of RAST connectors and wires into customer-specific wire harness designs.


  • Multiple wire feeding and storage system (Up to 15 wires).
  • Connector feeding, separating and positioning system.
  • Coding cutting and keying check.
  • Continuity check.
  • Crimp force monitor system (IDC-Crimp hybrid version only).
  • Easy-to-use color touch screen interface.

Available Options

  • Harness Cutting Unit
  • Sorting Unit
  • Blister Unit
  • High Voltage Continuity Test
  • Cover Closing Check
  • Optical Quality Control

Applicable Connectors

  • RAST 2.5 connectors
  • RAST 5 connectors