Performance and Reliability for High Production

The IHM Mark III IDC Harness Maker Machine is a fully-automated mass termination machine designed for large quantity processing of all TE RAST 2.5 and RAST 5 Connectors. Modular in design, its connector-specific IHM workstations include all the necessary processing operations for specific connectors such as separating, latch cutting, coding-ribs cutting and cover closing. The basic machine controls the system and performs wire feeding, cutting, transfer and intake of the workstations. Various testing procedures are available on both the basic machine and the IHM workstations to ensure high production reliability.


Base Machine
  • Wire extraction frame with space for up to 22 customer-supplied cable drums
  • Detection of “end of wire” and “wire under tension”
  • Wire dispenser including wire cleaning, straightening and blank spots detection
  • Wire feeding, cutting, gripping and transfer of up to 21 wires simultaneously
  • Station holders on left and right side for two workstations
  • Console with touch screen for defining and controlling production parameters
  • Software with multiple language selection
  • Manual operation terminal
  • Safety device fulfilling CE regulation


IHM Workstations
  • Connector feeding, separating, latch cutting and positioning
  • Coding cutting
  • Mass termination
  • Cover closing
  • Out-feed

Available Options

Depending on type of IHM workstation
  • Wire insertion length check
  • Coding ribs check
  • Electrical continuity test
  • High voltage test
  • Color marking
  • Cover checking


IDC Connectors
  • AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Mark II
  • AMP multifitting Mark II