CBP 5T Bench-top Electric Servo Press

Assure Quality with Greater Control

The CBP 5T provides the ability to process most compliant pin connector applications in a compact bench-top system. Force, distance and speed are the core parameters of any press cycle. With feedback and PC control, the CBP 5T can monitor and control each characteristic of every press stroke run on the press in real-time. If any aspect of a press cycle is outside of specified limits, the CBP can stop the press mid-stroke to prevent damage to the PCB and eliminate rework and/or scrap—a distinct advantage over pneumatic or hydraulic systems that cannot offer the same level of control. PC control provides simple and flexible programming, while all connector and tool data is entered and stored in databases, allowing the CBP to automatically set up and control each press cycle to reduce operator intervention and human error. Icon driven software with visual cues and operator interaction assure that each press cycle is completed correctly the first time.


PC controlled

5 Ton

5 ton force capacity


3-5 seconds press stroke


Bench-Top Design, Small Footprint
  • PCB capacity of 18" x 24"
  • Press force capacity of 5 tons
  • Ability to monitor and control force, distance and speed for every press cycle
  • Full SPC data of every component pressed for quality assurance and traceability
  • Database driven software for simple programming and automatic setup
  • Small footprint for low to medium volume product levels
  1. CBP 5T Benchtop Electric Servo Press (English)

View a demonstration of the CBP 5T press (formerly BMEP 5T). The CBP 5T press provides a compact benchtop system to process most compliant pin applications. Board size capacity and press force allow the system to handle a wide range of applications for low to medium production volume operations.


  • Pin connectors
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)