CAP 6T Press-Fit Machine

Maximize Quality, Yield and Savings

Our connector press-fit machines process compliant pin connectors and can handle the most demanding applications from daughter cards to mid-planes and back-planes. Our premier compliant pin, solder-free insertion presses offer quicker, more reliable and less operator intensive processing. Fast, simple product presentation with full control and monitoring of force, distance and speed results in higher quality, improved yield and greater cost savings. Plus, each press is programmed and run via a PC with all product, tool and process information conveniently stored in a database. During operation, all necessary adjustments to the press stroke are completed automatically without intervention. Imagine how much scrap and rework from common operator errors this will prevent.

  1. Press Fit Machines - Productronica 2013 (English)

Taking advantage of complaint pin technology technology’s solder free process for higher quality and lower applied costs, TE’s line of Servo Electric Presses has provided manufacturers with over 15 years of proven application tooling. Watch a demonstration of one of our presses during Productronica 2013.


Press Style, Force and Capacity

Feature CAP 6T CBP 5T CMP 6T CMP 12T CSM 5T
Press Style Automatic Semi-Automatic Manual Manual Semi-Automatic
Press Force 6 Tons [53 kN] 5 Tons [44 kN] 6 Tons [53 kN] 12 Tons [107 kN] 5 Tons [44 kN]
Programmable Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Housing Capacity 30 x 36" [76 x 910mm] 18 x 24" [460 x 610mm] 24 x 36" [610 x 915mm] 30 x 36" [760 x 900mm] 8 x 11" [205 x 280mm]


Printed Circuit Bords (PCB's)
  • Daughter cards
  • Mid-planes
  • Back-planes
  • Low to medium production volumes
TE Connectivity Insertion Machine platforms, combined with performance enhancing accessories, provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.