Omni directional antenna family

With the Omni Directional Antenna Family, TE Connectivity offers a wide range of external rail antennas for professional and mission-critical applications. Most of these high-performance antennas are combining multiple services such as 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE, Wi-Fi and GPS/GNSS in a single antenna package and are meeting industry standards.


Combining antenna services in a single package reduces the amount of holes to be drilled in the rooftop and also reduces the cost of operation by simplifying fitment, maintenance and removal as well as keeping the aesthetic appearance and re-sale value of vehicles. The portfolio offers plug and play products ranging from Rail onboard Rooftop mounted antennas to off track vehicle mount antennas and finally semi stationary products which can be used on i.e. ticket vending machines.

The MiMo Rooftop Antenna

The MiMo Rooftop Antenna is designed specifically for use on trains, trams and buses. Incorporating up to 2 antenna elements for MiMo operation the wideband antenna has a very large frequency response ranging from 698MHz to 6000MHz. This allows the antenna to be used for 5G. Main applications of the Onboard Antenna are Train, Bus, Tram, Metro.


MiMo Rooftop Antenna
  • Rail compliant (MiMo) 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE, (MiMo) Wi-Fi, WiMax and GNSS antennas (Incl GSMR) for in-and on rail vehicles.
  • Large frequency response ensures a 5G ready antenna portfolio.
  • Meeting EN45545-2 and EN 50155 Industry standards.
  • Ingress protected up to IP69 when properly installed.
  • DC-grounded antenna elements in the rooftop antennas are providing voltage protection in case of catenary line drop up to 40kA, 100ms.
  • The Rooftop antennas come with a defacto standard 4-hole mounting which allows them to be swapped out quickly even amongst different brands.
  • Internal ground plate allows the antenna to be mounted on non conductive surfaces.

Ceiling Mount MiMo Wi-Fi Antenna

Ceiling Mount MiMo Wi-Fi Antenna, The low profile Circular onboard W-Fi antenna offers up to 4x4 MiMo Wi-Fi coverage. With a large frequency response range from 2.4 to 2.5GHz and 4.9 to 6GHz the antenna is ready for 802.11ax offering at least 4 times faster data throughput in congested environments and 40% higher peak data rates.


Ceiling Mount MiMo Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 30mm height Ceiling mount.
  • Supplied with flame retardant CS23 coax cables (EN45545 compliant).
  • White Radome flame retardant.
  • Connectivity Rev Pol SMA plug and Right Angle N plug.
  • Internal ground plane so the antenna can be mounted on a non conductive surface.


Multi Function Antennas with compact housings that contains MiMo antenna function and an active GPS/GNSS antennas. Main applications of the vehicle antennas are Bus, tram, metro, emergency response vehicles, agricultural vehicles, Heavy duty trucks.


Vehicle Antennas
  • Multi Function antenna portfolio, offering MiMo 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Mimo Wi-Fi, GNSS and even Tetra emergency bands into a single antenna.
  • Protecting vehicle resale value due to the single hole mounting.
  • Weather proof antenna housings.
  • Internal ground plate allows the antenna to be mounted on non conductive surfaces.
  • Pre-equipped with coaxial cable leads.


Small size Antennas for M2M and IoT applications offering Cellular, Wi-Fi and/or GNSS services in a single package. Main applications of the Semi Stationary antennas are Ticket vending machines, Signaling installations, Mobile pumps, Generators and other semi stationary equipment.


Semi Stationary Antennas
  • Series of Multi function antennas covering LTE MiMo 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and GNSS bands into a single antenna.
  • Small size antennas.
  • Pre-equipped with coaxial cable leads.



Make Public Transportation ready for 5G

A hundred times faster than LTE, the new 5G standard can transmit data wirelessly at speeds up to 20 Gbit/s with a latency of less than 10 ms. Further 5G offers high reliability, high availability, energy efficiency, and high device density combined with good accessibility. In the future 5G might even make Wi-Fi redundant.

What does this mean for Public Transportation?

To optimize your passenger travel experience and to meet their expectations 5G is a key player.

  • Higher data speed for passengers.
  • Reduce network congestion.

What does this mean for the operator?

  • Allowing real time monitoring and analysis.
  • Full digitalization of the Rail network.
  • Exploitation of energy and asset information.
  • 5G can enhance inter operability between different railway systems.


With their large frequency response range supporting 5G, our onboard antennas are ready for the future!