Simultaneous data transmission to connected networks

Antennas for public safety communications, land mobile radio, and private mobile radio solutions are engineered to provide interoperable communications in emergency situations. These antennas are designed for vehicle and portable communications. These antennas operate over a wide range of frequencies and provide simultaneous data transmission to connected networks of multiple users operating government, public safety, and commercial applications.

Our portfolio of public safety antennas are designed for use by public safety agencies, emergency services, first responders, fleet management, and transportation networks. Established in-market presence and innovative molding techniques, with verified platforms and a variety of connection options, adds to the reputation for rugged reliability in hazardous situations and harsh environments for these antennas. Our engineers have end-to-end system knowledge and employ advanced, proprietary design tools to bring new thinking and creative designs to market with unrivalled performance that adds value in every application, including best-in-class antenna solutions for fixed and mobile clients, base stations, wireless backhaul, portable radios, telematics, and other applications.

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Types of Public Safety Antennas

Mobile Radio Antennas

Mobile radio antennas are used, most simply, for wireless two-way voice and push to talk communications. Increasingly, public safety and emergency services agencies are turning to multi-port or multi-frequency antenna solutions to incorporate 4G/5G, GNSS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more into their mobile communications solution.

Portable Radio Antennas

Portable radio antennas are used for wireless two-way communication by police, emergency services, fire, rescue civil service, military, construction, and transportation organizations. Our portable radio antennas are the world standard for reliable, flexible antennas.


Dispatch Base Station

Dispatch base station antennas offer unmatched, maximum null fill to ensure consistent gain close to the tower and extend out toward the horizon. These antennas are used mostly for public safety applications or private networks. The dispatch center coordinates and controls the dispatch units and tracks the location and ID of the dispatched units.