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AXISENSE-G multi-axis tilt sensor using gyroscope compensation for dynamic and harsh environments 
axisense-g tilt sensor

TE has designed the next generation tilt sensor.  Using gyroscope compensation, this powerful combination of MEMS sensing elements, together with the Kalman filtering, calculates a highly accurate output signal. The combination of an accelerometer and a gyroscope helps to minimize measurement errors due to short-term acceleration, vibration and shock. The AXISENSE-G tilt sensor has been proven to enhance platform leveling, dynamic engine management and tip-over protection. In addition, tilt sensors improve driver comfort, such as keeping the tool area and seat level when operating on steep grades, in dynamic and harsh environments.



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  1. AXISENSE-G Dynamic Tilt Sensor (English)

TE Connectivity (TE) offers the next generation tilt sensor. Using gyroscope compensation, this powerful combination of MEMS sensing elements, together with advanced filtering, results in stable and highly accurate tilt sensor outputs, that can withstand dynamic and harsh environments. Watch this video to learn more.

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  • Dynamic gyroscope compensation
  • Highly accurate
  • Reliable and stable
  • Easy to install



  • Agriculture equipment 
  • Aerial work platforms 
  • Construction equipment 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is different about the gyro-stabilized version of the AXISENSE-G tilt sensor

A: The tilt sensor combines a 3-axis micro machined (MEMS) accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. Both sensors’ information is fused to get both, a reliable static accuracy of the orientation and a very good suppression of shocks and short-term acceleration.


Q: What reference is used to measure tilt angle?

A: A perfectly vertical line (aligned with gravity) is the 0° reference for both X & Y


Q: What range of tilt angle can the AXISENSE-G sensor measure?

A: From vertical (0°) to horizontal (±75°) in X or Y direction

Q: How to tell which axis is which?  X from Y?

A: The Y axis is the line from one mounting hole to the other.  The X axis is perpendicular to the Y axis.

Q: What is the angular accuracy?

A: ±0.5° for static and ±1.5° for dynamic over the full range in both axes

Q: What is the operating temperature range?

A: -40 to +85°C  (-40 to +185°F)

Q: Does the sensor provide a temperature output also ?

A: Yes, it’s part of the digital data available

Q: What is the digital resolution for angle and temperature?

A: 12 bits for both

Q: Can the sensor withstand severe shocks and drops?

A: Yes, the AXISENSE-G is rated for a 10,000g shock level

Q: Are there any diagnostics built into the sensor?

A: Yes, alarms for power supply over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and sensor element failures have been designed into the software routines.



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Configuration Features

  • Interface  Digital

Electrical Characteristics

  • Voltage Supply (VDC) 8 – 36

Termination Features

  • Tilt Sensor & Inclinometer Mounting  Horizontal


  • Measurement Ranges (°) up to +/- 75

  • Dimension (mm) up to 70

  • Tilt Sensor & Inclinometer Accuracy (°) up to +/- .5

  • Resolution (°) up to +/- .01

Usage Conditions

  • Measurement Principle  MEMS

  • Operating Temperature Range  -40 – 85 °C [ -40 – 185 °F ]

Packaging Features

  • Tilt Sensor & Inclinometer Package  Plastic Housing


  • Measurement Axes  Dual Axis

  • Protection Class  IP 67

  • Interface Digital  CAN J1939

  • Connection  Connector TE/AMP

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-TSI0023

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