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Our BLMT Mechanical Cable Lugs products consist of a tin-plated body, shear bolt heads and inserts for small conductor sizes. Made of special aluminium alloy, these contact bolts are double shear bolt heads with hexagon heads. The bolts are treated with a highly lubricating agent. Contact bolts are irremovable once their heads have been sheared off. The mechanical lug body is made of a high-tensile, tin-plated aluminium alloy. The internal surface of the conductor holes is grooved. Our Mechanical Cable Lugs are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and are available with different palm hole sizes. The bolted fitting featured herein is developed specifically for use in medium voltage cable accessories up to 42 kV. They may also be used in the 1 kV range. Before using mechanical lugs in cable accessories, confirm that they are suitable for the given application and if necessary consult our experts. 


Key Features

  • Covers a wide application range from 25 mm² to 400 mm²
  • Compact design & easy to install with standard socket spanner
  • Can be used with almost every type of conductor and material
  • Torque-controlled shear head bolts guarantee an excellent electrical contact
  • Pre-engineered design for perfect fit in medium and high voltage cable accessories up to 84 kV
  • Can be used with heat shrink and cable accessories
  1. How to Properly Cut a Cable When Installing a Connector (English)

When installing the connector of a MV joint, make sure the conductor is entirely inserted in the connector: there is no space between cable insulation and connector. Otherwise, remove conductor from connector and cut to correct size.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are TE's Mechanical Cable Lugs used for?

Answer: You can use our Mechanical Cable Lugs to connect aluminium or copper conductors to aluminium and copper bars.


Question: What are Mechanical Cable Lugs made of?

Answer: Our Mechanical Cable Lugs are made of a tin-plated aluminium alloy body and aluminium alloy shear head bolts.


Question: How do you install Mechanical Cable Lugs?

Answer: Our Mechanical Cable Lugs with shear bolt heads can be installed with a standard wrench. The shear bolt heads are pre-engineered to shear at the appropriate torque level, ensuring correct torque is applied to each bolt, thus ensuring an optimal electrical contact between the lugs and the conductor. 


Question: What size of conductor do Mechanical Cable Lugs cover?

Answer: Our Mechanical Cable Lugs can be used on conductors from 10 to 1000 mm².


Question: How much voltage can Mechanical Cable Lugs handle?

Answer: The bolted fitting featured herein was developed specifically for use in high and medium voltage cable accessories up to 84 kV. They may also be used in the 1 kV range.


Question: What is the maximum current carrying capacity of the Mechanical Cable Lugs?

Answer: Our Mechanical Cable Lugs are only limited by the conductor maximum current carrying capacity.


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Mechanical Connector Technology  Shear Bolt

  • Mechanical Connector Material  Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy

  • Underground Network Component Type  Terminal Lug

  • Product Family  BLMT, Simel

Configuration Features

  • Number of Contact Bolts  1, 2, 3, 4

  • Visual Inspection  Yes

Electrical Characteristics

  • Mechanical Connector Voltage Class (kV) ≤ 42, ≤ 84

Body Features

  • Mechanical Connector Conductor Material  Aluminum, Aluminum-Copper

  • Conductor Type  Flexible, Flexible Conductor, Sector, Solid, Stranded

  • Blocked  Yes


  • Conductor Range (mm²) 120 – 300, 150 – 400, 16 – 95, 240 – 400, 25 – 95, 35 – 150, 400 – 400, 50 – 150, 50 – 240, 500 – 630, 630 – 800, 800 – 1000, 95 – 240

  • Conductor Cross-Section (mm²) 120 – 300, 150 – 400, 150/400, 16 – 95, 240 – 400, 25 – 95, 35 – 150, 400, 50 – 150, 50 – 240, 500 – 630, 630 – 800, 800, 800 – 1000, 95 – 240

  • Palm Hole Diameter  13, 15, 17, 2 x 13, 21, 2x14

  • Inside Diameter Range (mm) 12.8, 15.8, 19.5, 20, 22.5, 25.5, 33, 40

  • Inside Diameter Range (in) .62, .77, 1, 1.3, 1.57

  • Bolt Head Size (Across Flats) (mm) 13, 15, 17, 19, 22, 27

  • Stud Size  2 x M12, 2 x M16, M12, M14, M16, M20


  • Indoor Use  Yes

  • Outdoor Use  Yes

  • Application Type  Power Cable Terminations, Both Underground & Above Ground, Termination, Terminations

  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, Heavy Metals  Yes

  • Energized Installation  No

Industry Standards

  • Mechanical Connector CSA Certified  No

  • Mechanical Connector UL Listed  No

  • REACH Compliance  Contains no REACH June 2014 SvHC(s)

  • Standards  Designed to Meet IEC 61238-1 Class A Requirements

Product Availability

  • Mechanical Connector Product Availability  AMERICAS, ANZPAC, ASIA, China, EMEA, Worldwide


  • Conductor Gauge Type  Metric

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-BLMT

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