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Our ASBS Shear Bolt Connectors are compatible with our Raychem Heat Shrink and Cold Applied Joints.
Shear Bolt Connectors

Our ASBS Shear Bolt Connectors and splice can be used with a wide range of aluminum and copper conductors from #2 AWG compact stranded to 1000 kcmil concentric stranded class B. The primary application of our shear bolt connectors is underground splices up to 35 kV. They are ideally suited for aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper and copper to copper applications making them the universal connector solution. Please refer to the test report matrix on the back of our datasheet. The only tool required to install the connector is a standard ratchet wrench with the appropriate sized hexagonal sockets.

The Shear Bolt Connector's design incorporates shear head bolts, which shear off when the needed torque is applied to each bolt and consequently the optimal contact force is generated to minimize connection resistance. A holding tool is recommended to avoid the core bending of conductors and can be ordered from TE (#IT-1000-019).

Our cordless impact wrench (#T25446-000) can also be used to install the connector. This convenient and quick tool has been tested and qualified to install Shear Bolt connectors. The solid center stop (available on all sizes) inside the connector ensures proper conductor positioning and eliminates oil leakage when connecting oil-impregnated conductors.


Key Features

  • Heavy-duty design made of high strength, tin-plated aluminum alloy
  • Compact and smooth body design
  • Dual rated for aluminum and copper conductors
  • Provides long service life under normal operating conditions with reserve capacity for emergency loading conditions
  • Compatible with our Raychem heat shrink and cold applied splices providing an engineered sysem with years of trouble-free performance
  1. How to Properly Cut a Cable When Installing a Connector (English)

When installing the connector of a MV joint, make sure the conductor is entirely inserted in the connector: there is no space between cable insulation and connector. Otherwise, remove conductor from connector and cut to correct size.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can TE's Shear Bolt Connectors and splices be used with Raychem cable accessories?

Answer: Our ASBS Shear Bolt Connectors and splices are compatible with our heat shrink and cold-applied splices and termination kits for underground applications up to 35 kV.


Question: Which range of conductors can accommodate the Shear Bolt Connectors?

Answer: Our Shear Bolt Connectors accommodate a wide range of aluminum and copper conductors from #2 AWG compact stranded to 1000 kcmil concentric stranded class B.


Question: Is a torque wrench required to install the Shear Bolt Connectors?

Answer: Our Shear Bolt Connectors do not require the use of a torque wrench, the bolt head is pre-engineered to shear off at the appropriate torque level.


Question: What tools are needed to install the Shear Bolt Connectors?

Answer: Our ASBS incorporate shear bolt heads. The shear bolts can be installed with an impact wrench or a standard ratchet.


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Mechanical Connector Technology  Shear Bolt

  • Mechanical Connector Material  Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy

  • Underground Network Component Type  Straight Connector

Configuration Features

  • Number of Contact Bolts  2, 4

  • Visual Inspection  Yes

Electrical Characteristics

  • Mechanical Connector Voltage Class (kV) ≤ 35, ≤ 36

Body Features

  • Mechanical Connector Conductor Material  Aluminum-Copper

  • Conductor Type  Compact, Stranded


  • Conductor Range (mm²) 120 – 300, 25 – 95, 35 – 95, 95 – 240

  • Conductor Range (AWG/kcmil) 1000 (Compact) – 1000 (Concentric), 2 (Compact) – 2 (Concentric), 2 (Compact) – 3/0 (Concentric), 2 (Compact) – 350 (Concentric), 2 (Compact) – 4/0 (Concentric), 250 (Compact) – 350 (Concentric), 3/0 (Compact) – 500 (Concentric), 350 (Compact) – 500 (Concentric), 350 (Compact) – 750 (Concentric), 500 (Compact) – 750 (Concentric), 600 (Compact) – 1000 (Concentric), 600 (Compact) – 750 (Concentric)

  • Conductor Cross-Section (mm²) 35 – 95, 95 – 240


  • Application Type  Underground Splicing

  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, Heavy Metals  Yes

  • Energized Installation  No

Industry Standards

  • Mechanical Connector CSA Certified  No, Yes

  • Mechanical Connector UL Listed  No, Yes

Product Availability

  • Mechanical Connector Product Availability  AMERICAS, ANZPAC, ASIA, China, EMEA


  • Conductor Gauge Type  AWG, Metric

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-ASBS

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