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This product is not currently available. For more information, including distributor inventory, please contact us.


The AMPACT BAT is the second generation of our AMPACT connectors. It combines class-leading technical strengths and user-friendly installation with industry standard tools.

"Wedge Pressure Technology” has been field-proven for over 60 years to deliver connectors with low life cycle costs for our utility customers. The “C” and wedge are made of aluminum alloys. They are used to connectsolid and stranded aluminum, aluminum alloy and stranded aluminum composite conductors including AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACAR, AW, ACSR/AW, and ACSS. They may also be used in non-corrosive environments to connect copper conductors. During the connection process,  our AMPACT BAT wedge pressure technology combines the abrading action between the conductor and connector surfaces with an inhibitor that seals the connection. This prevents air from reaching the mated material. The result is a longer-lasting, more reliable electrical connection. During the installation process, the AMPACT BAT tap connector develops and maintains the clamping force on the conductor through the residual elastic load developed in the connector. This ensures the integrity of the connection for the life of the installation. The elastic force also helps prevent creepage by compensating for expansion and contraction of the assembly during thermal cycling, while the presence of an inhibitor in the electrical interfaces protects electrical contact spots from corrosive attack during their lifetime. Designed to make tap connections on aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper overhead conductors for transmission, distribution, and substation applications, our new AMPACT BAT offers reliable and safe connectivity.

  1. AMPACT BAT Bolt Actuated Tap Connector Installation Video (English)

Our new AMPACT BAT Connectors combine class leading technical strengths and user-friendly installation with industry standard tools. They can be installed using gloved or hot stick methods instead of a special powder actuated tool. Discover how.

Key Features

  • Easy to install with industry standard tools
  • Taps may be used to connect multiple conductor combinations
  • No damage to the conductors when installing or removing tap
  • Maintains a constant force within the connection for the life of the connector, while compensating for thermal expansion or “creep”
  • Solid stop for visual inspection of properly installed connector
  • Industry leading electrical performance to ANSI C-119.4 Class AA
  • Can be installed with standard hot sticks


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are TE's AMPACT BAT connectors made from? 

Answer: TE´s AMPACT BAT C-body, wedge, and bracket are made from aluminum alloys. The bolt is made from 304 Stainless Steel. (304 SS).

Question: For which conductors sizes can the AMPACT BAT be used? 

Answer: AMPACT BAT connectors can accommodate main conductors from 266 AAC to 795 ACSR (14.90mm - 28.14mm). Tap conductors range from #6 AAC to 795 ACSR (4.11mm - 28.14 mm).

Question: Can AMPACT BAT be used on copper conductors?

Answer: AMPACT BAT connectors can be used to connect aluminum to copper conductors. For copper-to-copper applications, please contact your local TE Representative.

Question: Does AMPACT BAT require any special installation tools?

Answer: No, AMPACT BAT connectors are installed using industry-standard impact wrenches. Minimum:150 ft-lbs (200 Nm) torque rating.


Question: What size socket is required for connector installation?

Answer: Medium Tap Family: Impact socket size 9/16in (14mm)
Large Tap Family: Impact socket size: 3/4in (19mm).

Question: Does AMPACT BAT meet ANSI C119.4 Class AA?

Answer: Yes, AMPACT BAT is fully tested to ANSI C119.4 Class AA (Extra-heavy duty) which requires the ability to pass 500 current cycles at 175°C. Please contact your local TE Representative for testing documentation.

Question: Can AMPACT BAT be reused?

Answer: TE recommends using a new, unused connector for each installation. 

Question: Can AMPACT BAT be installed using industry standard hot sticks?

Answer: Yes, AMPACT BAT connectors can be installed using industry standard hot sticks in conjunction with our AMPACT BAT hot stick adapter. 


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Wedge Connector Technology  Wedge

  • Product Family  AMPACT

Configuration Features

  • Visual Inspection  Yes

Electrical Characteristics

  • Wedge Connector Voltage Class (kV) 0 – 500

Body Features

  • Conductor Material  Aluminum & Copper


  • Conductor Range (Tap) (mm²) 0.162 – 0.257, 0.162 – 0.258, 0.162 – 0.325, 0.162 – 0.398, 0.162 – 0.447, 0.204 – 0.325, 0.232 – 0.502, 0.292 – 0.398, 0.292 – 0.563, 0.460 – 0.563, 0.522 – 0.642, 0.723 – 0.858, 0.792 – 0.858, 0.856 – 0.927, 0.918 – 1.019, 0.975 – 1.051, 1.027 – 1.108

  • Conductor Range (Main) (mm²) .586 – .720, .586 – .783, .586 – .858, .586 – .927, .792 – .927, .856 – .927, .953 – 1.108, .975 – 1.108, 1.027 – 1.108

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range (°F) 0 – 175


  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, Heavy Metals  Yes

  • Energized Installation  Yes

Product Availability

  • Wedge Connector Product Availability  Worldwide


  • Hot Stick Accessories  Yes

  • Insulated Cover  Yes

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-AMPACT-BAT

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