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Explore our Mobile Digital Toolkit

The TE Digital Toolkit makes it easy to sell TE products to customers with quick access to sales and training resources in an easy-to-use mobile app.

  1. Explore our Mobile Digital Toolkit (English)

TE Connectivity’s Digital Toolkit from iPresent is a mobile sales tool designed to make it easy for TE and distributor sales reps to quickly and easily access TE resources. This video provides you with an overview of this tool as well as walks you through how to use it.

The TE Digital Toolkit from TE Connectivity gives customer-facing users instant access to a library of sales and training resources on their smart phone or tablet, all within the context of solution-focused content sets. Each content set contains a variety of featured TE product families that support a particular customer solution or application type, such lighting, handheld devices, building safety and security, HVAC, and more. For each product family, users are provided with quick access to a range of sales, marketing or training materials including:


  • Links to product landing pages on TE.com
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Data Sheets
  • Catalogs
  • Videos
  • Sell Sheets
  • TELC Training Courses
Content Set Menu
Content Set Menu
Product Resource Library
Product Resource Library

Within the TE Digital Toolkit, each content set contains not only featured products that are relevant to that particular solution, but also:


  • Solution-based Design Navigators
  • Solutions Fact Sheets
  • Quick links to related solution-based content on TE.com
Design Navigator
Design Navigator

App users can easily access and share resources directly from the app through one-touch sharing and email options. Additional features include:

  • Offline access to most app content
  • Access to new or updated content
  • Browser access to app content
  • Kiosk mode for tradeshows
  • Email share lists
  • Ability to “favorite” or tag content
  • Customizable content playlists
  • Ability to “multicast” app content to other devices anywhere
  • Wireless stream app content to HDTV via Apple TV
  • Data capture forms