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Sensors for Industrial Printing

Learn how TE Connectivity (TE) sensors are used in industrial printing applications to increase precision, production and quality in harsh environments.

Pressure, position, temperature and air bubble sensing technologies play a critical role in industrial printing applications.  From printing bar codes on soda cans to printing functional 3D prototypes, TE offers a wide range of sensing technologies to monitor the industrial printing processes to provide quality in the harshest environments. These sensing technologies help manufacturers increase production of quality materials by offering highly precise and accurate monitoring and measurment of key industrial printing components. This allows manufacturers to meet the demands of their customers by decreasing the amount of materials that don't pass quality checks and reducing downtime on the factory floor.

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Sophisticated design and advanced manufacturing techniques create reliable, cost-effective solutions for general industrial applications including industrial printing operations. TE's pressure sensors are housed to withstand various forms of corrosive media and provide accurate monitoring with low power consumption. In addition to our board mountable pressure sensors, TE offers other sensing components that are media isolated and include analog or digital output signals.  Both pressure and temperature can be measured from the diaphragm of the sensor for accurate delivery of ink or material in the printing process.

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Position sensors play an increasingly important role in many industrial printing applications. Since there is a high probability of a sensor being exposed to oil, dirt and dust in this type of application, TE's KMXP position sensor is a good option due to it's ability to perform well within harsh environments. With its Magnetoresistive technology and multiple form factors, the KMXP sensor provides excellent precision and reliable, accurate measurements in extreme environments including high temperatures.

  1. KMXP Series AMR Position Sensor Webinar Video

Learn about magnetoresistive sensor technology, the features and benefits of the KMXP series, and the various applications and industries in which the sensor can be used.

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Within traditional industrial printing applications and newer operations including 3D printing, temperature and humidity sensors are critical to providing quality and accuracy to the end product. TE's non-contact thermopiles enable accurate measurement without physical contact which provides easy measurement of rolling surfaces such as printer rollers. Compact discrete NTC sensors offer highly precise measurements and long-term stability which would be the right fit for print head temperature sensing. Additionally, digital humidity sensors are designed for high volume and cost sensitive printing applications where space constraints are a concern.

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TE's AD-101 Air Bubble Detector provides continuous air bubble detection for industrial printing and 3D printing applications. With continuous self-diagnosis and flexibility in packaging, these sensors enable designs for the most critical applications.

  1. AD-101 Air Bubble Detector Sensor Video (English)

Discover how the AD-101 air bubble detector sensor offers easy integration and provides exceptional reliability, delivering confidence in overall system performance.

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