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Onboard Data Networks

Learn about TE's products and solutions for Data Connectivity and Onboard Networks that can enable increased safety, transportation efficiency, and system automation for railways.

Many of today's industry trends are rooted in the improved efficiencies of systems and technologies - driverless automation, predictive maintenance, increased safety, higher levels of remote tracking, and more. TE Connectivity is excited to help you solve design challenges and offers a broad portfolio for your design needs in order to enable trends, optimize productivity, and decrease costs.

When it comes to Onboard Data Networks, look no further than to TE Connectivity for your one-stop-shop solution. Through the offering of our ethernet switches, onboard and vehicle antennas, M12 connectors and cable assemblies, Cat 5 & Cat 7 data cables and more, we have the products to help meet your requirements. Our years of experience and system expertise within the rail industry enable our ability to optimize your sub-systems and connectivity capabilities for the trains and railways of the future.

In today's age of IoT, systems are becoming smarter, connectivity is faster, and the demand for a ruggedized and optimal connection is higher. TE solutions can be provided in these areas where water-proof, dust-proof and ruggedized connectivity is needed. As a long-standing partner for railway designers and engineers, we've worked to understand the requirements and need for innovation, and we look forward to providing solutions focused on the latest trends together. Explore the solutions below for the ruggedized connectivity that can optimize your innovations and productivity requirements.



With a global manufacturing footprint and local teams to help meet your needs, we're excited to partner with you on what's next. Our capabilities to solve challenges and help you succeed include:

  • Full portfolio offering to complete onboard network sub-systems
  • Trusted partner in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of onboard networks supported by historical rail presence and industry expertise
  • Local engineering teams to help meet global manufacturing requirements
  • IRIS certification to support manufacturing expertise




Our products not only enable trackside and rolling stock designs, but are used in a wide variety of industry applications such as:

  • IoT
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial transportation
  • Public transportation