Shipbuilding and Offshore

Case Study

Greater Offshore Application

South Korea´s offshore equipment manufacturing industry faces tough operating environments which has led to an increase in the demand for power and higher-density installations.


As a leader in the construction of marine and offshore equipment, South Korea is the home to some of the world's largest manufacturers of bulk carriers, tankers, rigs and platforms.

The country's marine designers and engineers face tough operating environments, depleting oil reserves make it necessary to drill even deeper and wider. This has led to a dramatic increase in demand for power and more pertinently for TE, a demand for higher-density installations to answer the calls for improved cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Tough operating environments
  • Higher density installations

TE’s solution was to introduce a low profile, short and high performance medium voltage termination to ensure ease and simplicity of installation and resistance to humid environments.

To deliver increased “power density”, TE developed new designs of cable accessories that facilitate simpler, faster and more reliable installations. One good example of this is the low profile medium voltage termination that allows a large number of cables to be successfully terminated into a small space.

To ensure an even smaller, more compact and robust solution that outperforms the competition, we incorporated a radical new stress control system (employing a metal oxide varistor material) and a total seal to the cable insulation, sheath and lug barrel.

The medium voltage termination has multiple advantages including material and space savings, easy installation and operation and a long operating life:

  • Short length
  • Small profile (no need for sheds on the cores)
  • Easily installed on cables that are not straight and in confined spaces
  • Total sealing of termination to cable and lug substrate
  • Heat-shrink installation technology ensures no moisture is captured or retained under the termination, even when installed in very wet/ humid environments
  • Extremely robust, tough materials
  • Exceptional electrical performance
  • No shelf life limitations