pull wire assemblies

Pull Wire Assemblies

Pull wire assemblies or pull ring assemblies, are used in steerable medical devices used for structural heart, neurovascular, electrophysiology, peripheral vascular, endoscopy, and other medical device applications.

TE’s pull wire assemblies are backed by advanced laser-welding technology, industry-leading prototyping solutions, expert design feedback and manufacturing process development. Furthermore, when your design is ready for production, we have a standardized system to validate the process, and the resources to scale quickly to meet your production needs.

Features & Benefits

Pull Wire Assemblies
  • Sizes and materials: we have off-the shelf pull wire assemblies available in 8 sizes, ranging from 6 Fr to 17 Fr, and 1, 2 or 4 pull wires. Custom pull wire assemblies are available in a variety of raw materials. We build custom devices up to 36 Fr and frequently produces assemblies in the 15 - 25 Fr range.  
  • Quality: High performance, laser-welded, tensile-tested pull wire assemblies that are optimized for your steerable catheter development projects. This includes the capability to provide certificate of conformance (COC) for all critical to quality (CTQ) dimensions and specifications.  
  • Technology expertise: Decades of experience in laser welding, cutting, and processing, as well as designing and manufacturing wire-based delivery systems, guidewires, components and tooling. This includes custom laser cutting, cleaning, polishing and surface treatment.  
  • Scalability: Design, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities that enable us to quickly produce and scale custom solutions.  
  • Next-level service: Expertise and resources that enable us to assist at every stage of the catheter product development process.  

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